Art & Design

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Whole school mosaic project in 2021 incorporating the school logo, the rainbow of hope, links to our local area (Manchester bees) and the design representing our Catholic faith.

Welcome to Art and Design! 
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Art Policy

The Arts Policy 2020

Art and Design Rationale

These are our long term plans and end point curricula:

Art and Design Year 1

Creating large-scale Rangoli patterns using coloured rice during Diwali in Multi-Faith week

Art and Design Year 2

Art and Design Year 3

Art and Design Year 4

Art and Design Year 5

Art and Design Year 6

Big Arts Week – Photographs!

Look at the amazing art work produced by our creative children! From self portraits, colour wheel mixing and pastel rubbings outdoors, to paintings based on Hundertwasser, Van Gogh collages and large-scale cross-curricular art projects – we simply love Art at St. Peter’s! 

Art Club collaborative project

In 2022 our Art Club worked so hard learning about local artists such as LS. Lowry, Mr. Eggz and Chris Cyprus. We created a series of Stalybridge landscapes inspired by these artists and then chose Chris Cyprus to focus on to create a Stalybridge landscape using acrylic paint on canvases.