Year 1

A warm welcome to Year 1 from Miss Finan and Mrs Broadbent.

In Year 1, our aim is to ensure that the children experience a smooth transition from the Foundation Stage to Key Stage One. The Year 1 curriculum builds upon and extends the experiences that children have had in Reception. Learning through play will continue to be an important part of the school day, and the children will gradually be eased into more formal learning as the year goes on so that they remain motivated, enthused and eager learners.

Please do not hesitate to come and see us either before or after school if you have any questions or queries. Before school we would ask that you come in before 8.40, as we need to ensure we welcome the children on time and with our full attention.

If you wish to contact us, please either telephone the office or you can also email us at Please be aware that teachers may not be able to respond to emails immediately and all matters that need handling promptly should be directed to the office, or by speaking to us before or after school.

We hope that your child has a happy and fun year in Year 1 – we look forward to seeing them shine every day 😊

Just a few reminders:  
Staffing structure:
Class teachers: Miss Finan
Teaching assistants: Mrs Broadbent

PE Kits
Please make sure your child’s PE kit is fully labelled and in school. These will be kept on your child’s peg until the end of each half term when they will be sent home for washing. Our PE day is Thursday and in Autumn 1 we will also be changing for Dance on Wednesdays.

Reading books
Year 1 is a really important year for children’s reading development. Once your child has been issued with a book, please read with your child every night and note a brief comment in their reading record about how they did. Please send their reading book and record in every day. We will move your child to the next book when they are confident with the book they are on. We will read with your child at least once per week and plentiful reading opportunities will also be embedded into the curriculum and during their free learning time.

Your child will receive a set of spellings every Monday – please help your child to learn these (reading and writing) at home for a little spelling challenge on Fridays.

Homework will be given out on a Friday – one piece of English and one piece of Maths. It will usually be a consolidation of what we have been learning about in class and should not take longer than around 15-20 minutes. Please return homework books on a Monday morning.  

Water bottles
Until further notice, children will still need to bring a labelled bottle of water into school. 

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 1 Team 😊

Year 1 Cross Curricular Plan

Year 1 Prayers

Please find a copy of the prayers that we use in school. You can also use this at home Year 1 Prayer Booklet 

Knowledge Organisers

Please note we are unable to display some knowledge organisers due to copyright. If you would like access to missing knowledge organisers for art, D&T or computing, please contact school and we’ll be happy to provide these.

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Art Contact us Art Contact us Art Contact us Art Art Contact us Art
Computing Computing Contact us Computing Contact us Computing Contact us Computing Contact us Computing
  D&T Contact us   D&T   D&T
Geography   Geography
  History   History   History
Music Music Music Music Music Music
 Science Science Science Science Science Science

Please check this page regularly for updates about what your child/ren have been doing in school.


This week we have been using the Beebots in our computing lessons. The children have been learning about algorithms and giving clear instructions so that the bee bot moves where we want it to go. The children applied this knowledge to move the Beebot to different pictures while telling the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’.


In maths we have been working on halving quantities. Today the children worked in pairs to play the halving game. They had to choose a number card from their set, find the right amount of counters and split them in half between two tens frames. The children then talked about what half of the number they had chosen was.


This week we have been practicing using different lines to make pictures. We talked about the different lines we can use and then listened to some music that made us think of the sea. The children drew line freely to represent the sea.

Liturgical Prayer

This week we have been thinking about the story of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. During our time with Jesus, we spent time doing freeze frames of different points in the story.


This week we have been reading the story ‘I like Bees, I Don’t Like Honey’. The children enjoyed choosing whether they liked or disliked lots of different things.


This week the children had their first dance lesson. They practiced moving their bodies in different ways to music and using different parts of their body.