Year 4

Teacher – Mrs Barber

Teaching assistants – Mrs Callaghan and Mrs Hughes

Welcome to our Year 4 class page. Here you will find updates of what we have been learning about in class and links to help with homework.

  • Along with their spellings, the children will be tested at the end of each week on their times tables.     
  • Maths and English homework is given out every Friday to be returned to school completed by Monday morning.   
  • Your child needs to being in their reading book and reading record every day.  Books can be changed daily.
  • PE takes place on Thursdays and Dance takes place on a Friday afternoon.  Both indoor and outdoor PE kits are to be kept in school for the half term.   

Our Guided Reading text is History Hackers: Victorian Venture. We are also reading for pleasure our class novel, The Accidental Prime Minister by Tom McLaughlin.

Year 4 Prayers

Please find a copy of the prayers that we use in school. You can also use this at home. Year 4 Prayer Booklet

Knowledge Organisers

Please note we are unable to display some knowledge organisers due to copyright. If you would like access to missing knowledge organisers for art, D&T or computing, please contact school and we’ll be happy to provide these.

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Quelle heure est-il?

In French we been learning to tell the time. The children enjoyed using the clocks to ask ‘what time is it?’

They used their French knowledge to answer. Il est un heures!


After watching the Young Shakespeare Company perform Romeo and Juliet we re-enacted scenes from the play.

Science Materials

Today we started our new topic – Material Properties. The children enjoyed observing a non Newtonian liquid gloop and decided if it was a solid, liquid or gas.


We are learning about British Values this term in Year 4. This week we focused on Democracy. We all took part in a class vote to choose our class reward.


We love our dance lessons with Olivia.

This is our firework dance!

The Romans

We re-enacted Roman soldier formations.  This one is called the tortoise.

Mrs Barber was a very strict Centurion.

Music Lesson

World Mental Health Day

This week to celebrate World Mental Health Day the children discussed different things we can do to help support our own mental health. The children practised breathing strategies and created a mindfulness collage of different strategies they can use to help their own mental health.


Year 4 were investigating with insulators and conductors how they make a complete circuit.


Year 4 role played God appearing to Sarah and Abraham.


Year 4 looked at people’s skills and found suitable jobs for them.

Games in the Park

We had a picnic in Cheetham’s park and an afternoon of fun and games.


We created jewellery out of natural materials to celebrate the King’s coronation.


We experimented with sound travel by making ‘telephones’ out of cups and string.

We took part in the ‘great glider share’ to celebrate ‘Science all around us’.


We plotted our adventure for our narrative based on ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker.


We designed and made maracas in our art lesson.


We designed prayer mats in our ‘Other Faiths Week’ studying Islam.

Visit to Holy Trinity Church

We enjoyed our Easter reflection at Holy Trinity church.

Science – Digestive System

We did an experiment to see how the digestive system works.

Prayer and Liturgy

This week’s prayer and liturgy.

World Book Day

We had a great day on World Book Day. We dressed up or came in our pyjamas. Mrs Russell came in to read us a story and Mrs Chadwick was our ‘secret reader’. She read us a story about angels and took us through a guided meditation. She is our guardian angel!


We’re really enjoying our Gym lessons with Olivia this term.


We have been creating op-art in our arts lessons.


Some children in Year 4 are really enjoying their guitar lessons.

Anglo Saxons

Pieter Bruegel

We have been using photography to recreate Pieter Bruegel’s painting ‘Children’s Games’ We’ll show you the finished product!




Today we looked at what particles do as a gas, liquid and a gas.

We looked at the process of gas

We looked at the process of evaporation

We looked at the process of condensation

We’ve looked at which type of chocolate button will melt the quickest


Prayer and Liturgy

Young Shakespeare Company

Young Shakespeare Company visited our school and performed Twelfth Night.


Year 4’s assembly focused on Remembrance Sunday. 


Using circuits and making a satellite to see how it spins around the world.

Thanksgiving Mass

Year 4 celebrated their First Holy Communion with a Thanksgiving Mass with the St. Peter’s family.


We made satellites using electric circuits to drive a motor.

Art Project

Year 4 visited the Civic Hall in Stalybridge and worked with an artist on a local project.  The theme was views of Stalybridge.