School Meals


School Dinner Money 

School Dinner MoneyThe amount due for this next term is 29 days totalling £85.55. Payment to be made through the Tameside website Tameside / School Meals

We will not be able to issue a school dinner to any child where there is a debt of more than £20.00. In such cases parents will be expected to provide their child with a packed lunch. 

Year 2 pupils – from September 2023 any pupils moving up to year 3 will not be entitled to the Universal free school meals therefore any meals taken will have to be paid for. 

If you are already eligible for free school meals due to income this will be in place for September.  If your circumstances change you may be eligible to apply for free school meals.  More information is available on the school website under Universal/Free school meals.

Year 6 dinner money – please check with school office before making any payments in advance as any overpayments at the end of the academic year cannot be refunded.

For more detailed information regarding school meal payment options please click on School Meals > payment options.

If you have any enquiries regarding school meals please e-mail the following address where you can contact school regarding any aspect of school meals i.e. payments or changes to packed lunch or school meals.