Staff and Governors

 Teaching Staff From February, 2024


Headteacher: Mrs K. Ryan

BA (Hons), PGCE 

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs S. Barber

BA (Hons), PGCE

Mrs G. Kirkpatrick – BA (Hons), PGCE Mrs K. Walker – BA (Hons) with QTS
Miss J. Finan – BA (Hons) with QTS Miss K. Cooper – BA (Hons) with QTS
Miss C. Cavanagh – BA (Hons), PGCE Mrs S. Sibson – BA (Hons), PGCE
Mr L. Hartney – BA (Hons), PGCE Mr D. Needham – BSc (Hons), PGCE
Miss B. Southall – BA (Hons) with QTS SENDCO – Mrs R. Russell: BSc (Hons), PGCE


Click this link to view staff year groups and subject leader roles: subject leader roles
Teaching Assistants:  Mrs S. Broadbent, Mrs J. Callaghan, Mrs C. Green, Mrs J. Godsall,  Mrs S. Evans,  Mrs K. Broadbent, Mrs M Hughes,  Miss C Walker, Mrs M Hughes, Miss G. O’Brien, Mrs M Meola, Mrs R Woodhouse, Mrs N Reed
School Business Manager: Mrs K. Murray            Administrative Assistant: Mrs L. Murray
Cook: Mrs Z. Murray
Lunchtime Assistants:  Miss J Bancroft,  Mrs V Dransfield, Mrs M Hughes, Mrs S Ainsworth, Mrs M Meola, Miss S McNamara, Miss L Withers
Site Staff: Mrs M Taylor, Mrs J Wheal, Miss L Withers
Parish Priest: Father Philip Atkinson

Governors’ Statement –September 2023

St Peter’s, being a Catholic School in the Diocese of Shrewsbury, is dedicated to providing the best education possible for all the children in school, rooted in the teachings and gospel values of the Catholic Church.


The three central functions of governing boards are:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff;
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent. (DfE)


As in all schools, the first priority for the Governing Board is to ensure that our pupils achieve the best they are capable of and make the best possible progress, in a nurturing learning environment, where each child is valued and all families are welcomed.


There are 12 governors:

  1. 7 foundation governors (appointed by the Diocese of Shrewsbury)
  2. 2 parent governors (elected by parents & guardians)
  3. the headteacher
  4. 1 staff governor
  5. 1 local authority governor (approved by Tameside MBC) 

Governor Changes

At the end of August, 2023, Mrs Honor Murray and Mrs Clare Stevenson both stepped down. We thank them for their dedication & contribution to St Peter’s. Mrs Stevenson served as a Foundation Governor for 13 years, during the early years of which, her two children attended school.

Mrs Murray stepped down after 50 years direct association with St Peter’s, initially as a parent, then also as a teacher & latterly as Foundation Governor, after her retirement.

In their place as Foundation Governors, we welcome Mrs Jennifer Crane and Mr David Taylor. Mrs Crane has a child in Yr 1 and has served as an Associate Governor since February 2023. Mr Taylor returns as Foundation Governor, having previously stepped down from the Governing Board in 2014. His three children all attended St Peter’s and his wife Michelle is our Site Manager.


Governor Training

All governors are required to maintain and improve their knowledge and understanding of the standards and working of the school and the wider issues affecting education in England. Training courses and regular updates are provided by the Diocese of Shrewsbury and by Tameside Governors Services, both in person and online. Our governors regularly access these opportunities.


We pay for the services of a professional clerk from the Tameside Clerking Service. Mrs Rachel Lees became our clerk in September 2018 and is an invaluable source of advice, information and clarification – as well as producing very clear and accurate minutes.

Listed here are examples of the activities, processes and systems that contribute to the effective leadership and monitoring of ongoing school improvement.

School Development Plan (SDP)

The School Development Plan is presented for approval by the Headteacher, at the first Full Governing Board meeting in October. The Governing Board receives updates from the Headteacher on the progress of its implementation at the subsequent termly meetings and receives curricular updates from subject coordinators on a pre-planned cycle.

Curriculum & Standards

The Curriculum and Standards Committee meets termly. This committee scrutinises progress data for each class in school and receives reports from the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and from time to time, other staff, on curricular progress and developments. Though there are specific governors assigned to this committee, any governors are welcome to attend.

Assessment data is presented and explained so that governors are able to establish and maintain a firm grasp of the standards and progress achieved on a class-by-class basis by children throughout the school, giving an opportunity to governors to question and challenge the school’s leaders on the impact of their work and to compare the school’s outcomes against all other and similar schools in Tameside and nationally.

On planned cycles, this committee also receives curricular reports from subject coordinators and reviews and updates policies.

Financial Management & Monitoring

The Finance and Personnel Committee meets termly, immediately before the termly Full Governing Body meeting, to review the impact of financial planning and to scrutinize and plan the allocation of resources for the current and future years. This includes budget costs of materials, of the physical environment of the school, of running costs and staffing costs and salaries.

The Chair of the Finance Committee meets with Mrs Murray, the School Business Manager, ahead of this meeting to scrutinize the school’s financial position.

The governing body statement of behaviour principles

The overriding principle for the governing body is that good behaviour in school is essential to ensure that all pupils can benefit from the opportunities provided by education. The Governing Body believes that high standards of behaviour must underpin every aspect of this school’s work. They know that good behaviour enables all pupils to benefit from a high quality of education without interruption or disruption. Good behaviour ensures that all pupils thrive, make good progress and enjoy school.

To promote excellent standards of behaviour the governing body has put into place a behaviour policy that sets the expectation for the behaviour of all in school.

The behaviour policy is based on the following principles:

  • All pupils and staff have the right to feel and be safe in school.
  • Mutual respect will be the basis for all behaviour and relationships.
  • The statutory rights of minority groups that have been established in the Equality Act 2010 will be upheld at all times. Any discriminatory behaviour will be managed according to the principles of our school behaviour policy.
  • Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Tolerance of and respect for people of all faiths and cultures and lifestyles will underpin the good behaviour that is expected of all.
  • Parents and carers will be encouraged to support the school’s behaviour policy.
  • The expected standards of behaviour will be shared with and explained to all pupils.
  • The behaviour policy will be consistently applied by all staff and regularly monitored for its effectiveness.
  • Good behaviour will be commended and rewarded and sanctions will be applied where behaviour falls below the expected standard.
  • Good behaviour will underpin the ethos of this school making it a happy and safe place which pupils and staff enjoy attending.


Our school behaviour policy is supported by other policies which have also been put into place to ensure that good behaviour is established in all aspects of the school’s life and work. Specifically, these are our policies on: Anti-Bullying, Child Protection and Safeguarding, Computing – Acceptable Use, E-Safety, Mental Health and Wellbeing and SEND. The governing body delegates the implementation of the behaviour policy to the headteacher and staff and it fully supports them as they apply the principles of that policy in the day to day running of the school. The governing body will review this statement of principles annually, and when they find it necessary.

Other Committees

Other committees which meet during the year are:

  • Premises and Security Committee
  • Admissions Committee
  • Pay Committee
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Headteacher Performance Management and Review

There are committees which need to meet only as the need arises; these are:

  • Discipline, Grievance and Capability and Appeals Committees (staff)
  • Pupil Discipline Committee (pupil exclusions)
  • Complaints Committee (parental complaints); this would convene only after the Complaints Policy procedures have been exhausted.
  • Pay Appeals Committee
  • Appointments Committee
  • Headteacher Appointment Committee (this may well include all governors)

Governor Visits To School 

All governors are encouraged and are expected to be familiar with the school, to see the school at work. This includes visits to lessons to witness teaching and learning for themselves, to see the physical learning environment of the school and to liaise with individual staff for specific information sharing purpose, for instance for Special Needs, Safeguarding, subject responsibilities or Pupil Premium programmes and outcomes.

Governor Professional Expertise

Although Governors work entirely as volunteers on behalf of the school, the governors have employment backgrounds in administration, authorship, business, education & training, finance, insurance, law and sales. Thus, they bring a wide and varied range of skills and experience to the task of leading and monitoring. Many governors are current or former parents of the school, which is indicative of a high degree of understanding, commitment and loyalty.

Staff Recruitment  

Governors participate in all staff appointments. The more senior the post, the greater the number and degree of governor involvement.

Appointments processes in all cases adhere strictly to Safer Recruitment principles and requirements.


Rev Philip Atkinson

Category: Foundation Governor

Appointing Body: Diocese of Shrewsbury

Term of Office: 2022-6

Committees: Finance, Admissions

Fr Philip has been parish priest here at St Peter’s for several years, before which he was parish priest at two other parishes in Shrewsbury Diocese, and was a governor at two previous schools. He is also a governor at St Raphael’s, Stalybridge.

Mr Mark Lowe

Category: Elected Parent Governor

Appointing Body: Governing Body

Term of Office: 2023-2027

Committees: Finance, Pay, HT Performance Review

Mr Lowe has a finance background, working as a Personal Finance Advisor. He has served on the governing body for 10 years and his three older children have previously attended St Peter’s. His youngest child attends school.

Mr Philip Murphy

Category: Foundation Governor

Appointing Body: Diocese of Shrewsbury

Term of Office: 2021-25

Committees: Finance, Curriculum and Standards, Pay

Mr Murphy has served as Governor since 2012, the last 8 years as Chair, having retired from Primary Headship in Stockport in 2011. Prior to that he was as Deputy Head at St Raphael’s for 4 years , having taught here at St Peter’s for 11 years (during which time he served as teacher Governor).

His four children attended St Peter’s.

Mrs Jennifer Crane

Category: Foundation Governor

Appointing Body: Diocese of Shrewsbury

Term of Office: 2023-2027

Committees: Finance, Curriculum and Standards

Mrs Crane is a regulatory lawyer. She has three children, the eldest of whom is a pupil at St Peter’s.

Mr Dave Taylor (Chair)

Category: Foundation Governor

Appointing Body: Diocese of Shrewsbury

Term of Office: 2023-2027

Committees: Finance, Curriculum and Standards, Health and Safety, Admissions, HT Performance Review, Pay

Mr. Taylor has spent most of his career in policing with Greater Manchester Police. He is currently the Deputy Secretary of UNISON’s Greater Manchester Police branch. He is also qualified to teach in post-compulsory education. Mr Taylor has previously served as a Governor of St Peter’s. He has three children, all of whom attended St Peter’s.

Mrs Katherine Ryan  (Headteacher)

Category: Headteacher

Appointing Body: Diocese of Shrewsbury

Term of Office: ongoing

Committees: All Committees other than Pay

Mrs Ryan was appointed as Acting Headteacher in April 2020. She initially taught at St Peter’s for several years before moving into Special Education for 8 years & then was reappointed here in 2012. Mrs Ryan has a wealth of expertise in Early Years & KS1 and has served school in the role of Acting Deputy Headteacher following Mrs Summersgill’s retirement. Both her own children attended St. Peter’s School.

Mrs Ann-Marie Worrall (Vice Chair) & Safeguarding Governor

Category: Foundation Governor

Appointing Body: Diocese of Shrewsbury

Term of Office: 2020-24

Committees: Finance (Chair), Admissions, Pay Committee, HT Performance Review

Mrs Worrall has served as governor for 14 years and has been Vice Chair for the last 5 years. She works as an Insurance Compliance Officer. She regularly volunteers in school, taking a very active interest in many school activities. Her children attended St Peter’s.

Mrs Dolores Gordon-Smith

Category: Local Authority Governor

Appointing Body: Tameside MBC

Term of office: 2024-2028

Committees: Admissions, Curriculum and Standards

Mrs Gordon-Smith is a published novelist and a qualified teacher. She has for a time worked as a Midday Assistant at St Peter’s and her five children all attended the school. Mrs Gordon-Smith is an active member of St Peter’s parish, and attends mass at St Peter’s Church weekly.

Mrs Elaine Birch

Category: Foundation Governor

Appointing Body: Diocese of Shrewsbury

Term of Office: 2020 – 2024

Committees: Finance, Premises, Health and Security (Chair), Covid 19 Oversight Panel

Mrs Birch’s career was in the Civil Service, the last 5 of which were spent in Personnel/HR Management. She was employed as the Human Resources Manager at Ashton 6th Form College for 10 years until retirement in 2016. She is a Leader at St Peter’s Guide and Rainbow Units and is actively involved in the Parish community. Both her daughters attended St Peter’s.

Mrs Claire Jackson

Category: Elected Parent Governor

Appointing Body: Governing Body

Term of Office:  2020 – 2024

Committees: Curriculum & Standards

Mrs Jackson is a serving teacher employed by Trafford Local Authority. She has three children, all of whom attend St. Peter’s.

Mrs Eleanor Wills

Category: Foundation

Appointing Body: Diocese of Shrewsbury

Term of Office: 2020-2024

Committees: Curriculum & Standards, Health and Safety

Mrs Wills serves as a Local Councillor for Tameside MBC. She has three children in school.

Mrs Gemma Kirkpatrick

Category: Staff governor

Appointing Body: Governing Body

Term of Office: 2022 -2026

Committees: Curriculum & Standards

Mrs Kirkpatrick has taught at St Peter’s for 5 years. She currently teaches Reception Class. She has two children in school and was herself a pupil at St Peter’s.


Mrs Clare Stevenson (Foundation governor)

Mrs Honor Murray (Foundation governor)


Finance and Personnel  QUORUM 3 Ann-Marie Worrall (Chair), Fr Philip Atkinson, Elaine Birch, Mark Lowe, Phil Murphy, Jennifer Crane, David Taylor, Katherine Ryan
    In Attendance: Kaye Murray (School Business Manager)

Sinead Barber (Deputy Headteacher)

Curriculum and Standards QUORUM 3 Claire Jackson (Chair), Dolores Gordon-Smith, Gemma Kirkpatrick, Phil Murphy, Katherine Ryan, David Taylor, Eleanor Wills, Jennifer Crane
    In Attendanceall governors welcome
Health and Safety QUORUM 3 Elaine Birch (Chair), David Taylor, Ann Marie Worrall, Eleanor Wills, Katherine Ryan
    In Attendance: Kaye Murray (School Health and Safety co-ordinator), Michelle Taylor (Site Manager)
Admissions QUORUM 3 Fr Philip Atkinson, Dolores Gordon-Smith, David Taylor, Ann-Marie Worrall, Katherine Ryan
Complaints Committee(Parental complaints) QUORUM 3 Any eligible Governor

 Pupil Discipline Committee (Pupil Exclusions) 
QUORUM 3 Any eligible Governor  (Members should have attended training on Exclusions)


Appointed Governors for Headteacher Performance Review QUORUM 2 Fr Philip Atkinson, Mark Lowe, David Taylor, Ann-Marie Worrall
    In Attendance: External School Improvement Partner: – Nye Goodwin
Pay Committee QUORUM 3 Fr Philip Atkinson, Mark Lowe, David Taylor, Ann-Marie Worrall

In attendance: Katherine Ryan

 Pay Appeals Committee  QUORUM 3 Any eligible Governor not on the original Pay Committee
 Discipline, Grievance and Capability Committee QUORUM 3 Any eligible Governor
 Discipline, Grievance and Capability Appeal Committee  QUORUM 3 Any other eligible governor not on the original Discipline and Grievance Committee
Appointment of Headteacher   All governors
 Appointments Committee (Teaching and Support Staff)   Any eligible Governor form Finance & Personnel


Pecuniary Interests

As a governing body, the governors state the following pecuniary interests:

  • Fr Philip – Foundation governor at St James’ Catholic Primary School
  • Mrs Kirkpatrick – Staff, Parent and Family member of a member of staff
  • Mrs Jackson – Parent
  • Mr Lowe – Parent
  • Mrs Wills -Parent
  • Mrs Worrall – Foundation governor at All Saints Catholic High School
  • Mrs Crane – Parent
  • Mr Taylor – Family member of a member of staff


Attendance at Governor Meetings, 2019-20 

Attendance at Governor Meetings, 2020-21

Attendance at Governor Meetings, 2021-22

Attendance at Governor Meetings, 2022-23



Class Link Governors 2023-24  
Nursery Phil Murphy
Reception Ann Marie Worrall
1 Claire Jackson
2 Jennifer Crane
3 Elaine Birch
4 Dolores Gordon-Smith
5 Eleanor Wills
6 Mark Lowe


Subject Link Governors:

Core Subjects

  Teacher Governor
English Mrs Russell Dave Taylor
Maths Mrs Barber Phil Murphy
RE Mrs Sibson Fr Philip Atkinson
Science Mrs Cooke Claire Jackson

Foundation Subjects

  Teacher Governor
Art & Design Miss Cavanagh Elaine Birch
Computing Mrs Kirkpatrick Mark Lowe
Design & Technology Mr Hartney Elaine Birch
Geography Mrs Sibson Jennifer Crane
History Miss Cooper Dolores Gordon-Smith
Modern Foreign Languages Miss Southall Ann-Marie Worrall
Music Mrs K Walker TBC
PE Miss Southall Dolores Gordon-Smith

Leadership and Management Areas

  Teacher Governor
Child Protection and Safeguarding DSL: Mrs Ryan

Deputy DSLs: Mrs Barber, Mrs Russell

Ann-Marie Worrall
Assessment Mrs Barber Eleanor Wills
Early Years Mrs K Walker Jennifer Crane
Cared For Children Mrs Ryan Phil Murphy
Pupil Premium Mrs Cooke Phil Murphy
RSHE Mrs Barber Claire Jackson
SEND, Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing Mrs Russell Phil Murphy