Art Club

Year 5 Clay Skills Art Club 

What a fantastic job Year 5 did of their clay sculptures. From the initial designs to the final painting and varnishing – they all worked to hard and really persevered with this very tricky technique. Children developed their skills in creating texture, pattern and shape with the air drying clay and also explored strengthening techniques such as using internal wire and foil to create much sturdier pieces. I loved allowing the children creative freedom to create anything of their choice in this class and they amazed me with their creativity. Well done everyone, you should be very proud of yourselves! 

Art Club Week 1

Art Club got off to a flying start this week, with children learning how to do magic wax relief paintings in a wintry theme. Children drew snowflakes and wintry shapes onto large card and then used a watercolour wash in cold colours, making their icy drawings appear as if by magic! Well done art clubbers!

Art Club Week 2

This week as a school we are preparing for Chinese New Year, and art club joined in on the fun by making Chinese fans. We first looked at Chinese culture and typical Chinese New Year traditions, and then used lots of mixed collage materials to decorate our fans. Really beautiful and creative work from every single artist today. Good work art club!

Art Club Week 3

This week we learned all about the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. We looked at his use of bold colour from the colour wheel and then created oil pastel versions of his paintings. I was seriously impressed by the children’s attention to detail today and can see we have lots of budding artists in Key Stage 1 at St. Peter’s!  Super job art club!

Art Club Week 4

This week our super artists used a variety of media including felt tips, pencils, collage, and glitter to decorate large posters of their names. Some super work was produced – well done art club!

Art Club Week 5

For our final week’s creations we made beautiful Kandinsky-inspired Valentines tiles. The children used acrylic paint to create their beautiful pieces, and really did impress me with their patience and creativity with colour. I have had THE BEST five weeks with you all, thank you art clubbers for all your hard work!