Year 5

Teachers – Mr Gould and Mrs S Walker

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Godsall

Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 is an exciting year at St Peter’s. This year the children take on additional responsibilities as play leaders supporting our younger infant children at lunchtime. We enjoy a great residential at Robinwood building our relationships and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone in amazing challenges. We take the next steps in our academic work developing our knowledge and understanding across a wide range of subjects in exciting ways and making links through all that we do.

Mr Gould, Mrs Walker and Mrs Godsall

Our current guided reading book is Carrie by Anne Fine and our current class novel is The Malamander by Thomas Taylor.

Year 5 Prayers

Please find a copy of the prayers that we use in school. You can also use this at home. Year 5 Prayer Booklet

Knowledge Organisers

Please note we are unable to display some knowledge organisers due to copyright. If you would like access to missing knowledge organisers for art, D&T or computing, please contact school and we’ll be happy to provide these.

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Art Contact us Contact us Art
N/A N/A Contact us
Contact us Contact us Contact us Computing
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N/A  D&T N/A Contact us D&T
French       French
Geography  N/A Geography N/A Geography N/A
N/A  History N/A History N/A History
        Music Music
Science Science Science Science Science Science

Class events and photos

Geography – Map Skills

We have been creating 3D models using map contour lines.

Computing – Computational Thinking

We have been trying to think like a computer by finding the quickest and most efficient way to identify a missing card from a pack.

Prayer and Liturgy

We enjoy leading prayer and liturgy and sharing the Word of our Lord with the class.

First Holy Communion Thanksgiving Party

We had an amazing time at our First Holy Communion and Thanksgiving masses. We especially loved our party after our Thanksgiving Mass.

Solar system simulations in computing.

We’ve really enjoyed linking our computing topic to our work in science on the solar system. We have used Scratch to create mini simulations of the inner and outer plants as they orbit the sun. We’ve revised co-ordinates from maths to help us position our planets and applied loops to our programs so that they run continuously. Please find below some examples of our work.

Young Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet

We had an amazing time watching the actors perform the play Romeo and Juliet. We used their performance to inspire us in our drama work in class before we used our word-processing skills to re-tell the story based on our freeze frames of key scenes from the play.

Design and Technology – Harissa Chicken Tray Bake

In D&T we have been learning about nutrition and food safety. We have learnt about preparing food safely and made our own Harissa Chicken tray bake inspired by Jaime Oliver.

Computing – Microbits

In computing we have been using variables, selection and randomisation to create an electronic version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. We have downloaded the programmes to our microbits and played against each other.

Design and Technology – Bridges (Structures)

In our D&T lessons we have been looking at different types of bridges and the structures involved to make them strong. We have tested different ways of supporting bridges, built spaghetti truss bridges and developed out woodworking skills to make our final wooden bridges.