Year 5

Teacher – Mr Gould (Deputy Headteacher)

TA – Mrs McWiggan

Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 is an exciting year at St Peter’s. This year the children take on additional responsibilities as play leaders supporting our younger infant children at lunchtime. We enjoy a great residential at Robinwood building our relationships and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone in amazing challenges. We take the next step in our academic work developing our knowledge and understanding across a wide range of subjects in exciting ways and making links through all that we do.

Line graphs in science. We’ve been using what we’ve learned about line graphs in our maths’ lessons and applied it to data based on our science investigation into dissolving. We’ve used Excel to chart the data and create line graphs. Finally we’ve interpreted the line graphs.

Robotoics and control. Some of our groups have completed their robots and are now on to using control in programming to operate the robots. We’ve learnt about flow diagrams and how to operate our input sensors and our output motors.

Reversible and irreversible changes. We have been investigating changes to materials in science. We have been using tea light burners to heat different materials and observe the changes. We have then discussed whether the change is permanent or whether we can return the material to its starting state.

World Book Day. Today we have celebrated World Book Day. We have taken part in Poetry X Factor where we have learnt and performed a poem with our family groups. We have come in dressed as some of our favourite book characters and brought with us our character’s book. We have shared a story with the children from Year 1

Dissolving in science. We have investigated and made observations on dissolving solids as part of our materials topic. We have learnt that when solids dissolve they form a solution.

Gears, Control and Robotics. We have begun our new design technology and computing topic on gears, control programming and robotics. We’re using Knex kits to build robots which will allow us to program them using control programming in order to interpret the information from their input sensors.

Prayer Share. A group of children planned and presented a prayer share with some of our parents and governors. Year 5 children are becoming increasingly confident in taking control of our worship sharing the word of God through readings, song and responses from each other.

Food Technology – Jamie Oliver’s Harissa Chicken Tray Bake. We’ve been improving our cooking skills in our technology lesson making a Harissa chicken tray bake based on a Jamie Oliver recipe. We’ve also learnt about safety and food hygiene as part of our lessons. The best part though was definitely eating our finished product.

Word processing in English. We’ve been improving our word processing and editing skills in English. We’ve written non-chronological reports and word processed them using Word editing our writing and applying our knowledge from our grammar lessons.

Mindfulness. We’ve been thinking about activities and relationships that make us happy so that we know what to do if we don’t feel our best and want to make ourselves happier.

French food. We’ve enjoyed eating French food as part of our modern foreign languages curriculum.

Computational thinking. We have been investigating how computers think through sorting activities using playing cards and images of people.

Investigating friction. As part of our forces topic in science we have designed an investigation to identify whose shoes have the grips that provide the most friction in our current icy weather.

Jodrell Bank. As part of our science topic on the solar system we visited Jodrell Bank.