Year 5

Teacher – Mr Gould

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Godsall and Mrs McClure

Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 is an exciting year at St Peter’s. This year the children take on additional responsibilities as play leaders supporting our younger infant children at lunchtime. We enjoy a great residential at Robinwood building our relationships and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone in amazing challenges. We take the next steps in our academic work developing our knowledge and understanding across a wide range of subjects in exciting ways and making links through all that we do.

Mr Gould

Knowledge Organisers

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Geography  History Geography History Geography  
Science  Science Science Science Science  
Computing Computing Computing Computing Computing  
Art Art  Art Art N/A  
      D&T D&T
    PE PE    

Class events and photos

D&T Food Technology – Harissa Chicken

We had a great time on our food technology day. We really enjoyed sampling Jamie Oliver’s harissa chicken recipe and enjoyed practising our skills chopping some of the vegetables that had been used in the recipe.

Computing – programming microbits.

We programmed our microbits to create a game of rock, paper, scissors using randomisation in our algorithm. We then challenged each other to a game using our microbits. 

Solar system experiments

We had a great time in class taking part in different experiments related to the solar system. We discovered properties of  a meteorite, how light diminishes as it travels away from the sun, we investigated objects creating impact craters and how weight  is affected by the size of a planet.

Human solar system

We went out on to the school field as part of our science topic and created our own human solar system to give us an idea of the vast distances that exist in space.


Our local area

We had a great time learning about our local area in geography with a walk around Stalybridge.

Mental health day

We enjoyed raising awareness about mental health and thinking about all positive things we love about ourselves.

Collective worship

We continue to take time to reflect on our faith and how we can grow closer to go in our collective worship sessions.