Teacher – Mrs Walker

TA – Mrs Evans

Welcome to our Nursery

Mrs Walker (Nursery Teacher), Mrs Evans (TA) would like to welcome you to our Nursery.

We would all like to welcome you all to our Nursery class. Over the next few weeks the children
will be settling into their new nursery day. They will be exploring our classroom and outdoor
learning area, making new friends. We will be working together through the Early Years
Curriculum to learn new skills and share new experiences.

During the year the children take it in turns to bring the nursery prayer and RE book home, so
that you can see what they have been doing in class. We also send home our class friend, Daisy
dog. This gives the children a chance to share what they have done at home with the class. The
children get the chance to stand at the front of class and share the fun they had with Daisy
dog. This is a great way to show how good they all are at speaking, listening and questioning.

Homework- Your child will be given a piece of homework each week. It will be sent out on a
Friday to be returned on a Monday.

Here is some information that may be helpful to you, as you begin your journey at St Peter’s

Reading-After Christmas we will hear the children read once a week and then they take the
book home. Please could you share this book every day and make a comment each time.

Library- We will be starting a library book share, where the children will choose a library book
to share at home.

Thank you for your continued support

Parent Planners

      Spring 2 Parent Planner Summer 1 Parent Planner Summer 2 Parent Planner


Please find some links below to help you guide your children along their faith journey during school closure.

Knowledge Organisers

    RE Spring 1 Knowledge Organiser RE Spring 2 Knowledge Organiser RE Summer 1 Knowledge Organiser RE Summer 2 Knowledge Organiser

Daily Prayers

Peter is sorry – a story to share

The Sign of the Cross 

Nursery Parent Planner

Nursery snack fund

This is payable at the beginning of the week. We ask for a weekly contribution of £2.50 per week to cover the costs of snacks, along with an additional voluntary contribution of £1.00 to pay for visitors who offer chargeable curriculum enhancements.

Please find below links to some of the exciting things that we do.

Welcome to our Nursery website page

Here are some of the first photos of the children in nursery beginning to make new friends and enjoying learning in the early learning areas.

Cross Curriculum Year Plan Autumn 2020-2021

God’s Wonderful World Autumn 1