Year 6

Teacher – Mrs Barber

TA – Mrs McClure

Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 is a very important year, but we try to make it fun as well. Being the eldest children in the school means that we have a responsibility to set an excellent example to the rest of the school. We prepare for High School by taking on responsibilities around our school and looking after our younger peers. We are given roles as prefects, dinner monitors and buddies who work with Reception to help them learn. Our aim is to be the best that we can be, which we do by working hard, becoming more independent and making sure that we find enjoyment in all that we do. We are a dynamic class and we embrace new challenges; we set ourselves targets and we try our hardest to reach them. Our teaching assistant, Mrs McClure, is always here to help. Being creative in our learning means life is never dull.

At St Peter’s our goal is to create successful, confident and independent individuals who will develop into active and responsible citizens. By the end of Year 6 we the children will have developed significantly both academically and socially. During the spring term, the children will begin to prepare for the SATs which take place in May. The children will have a wide range of support during this time and will be given every opportunity to reach their full potential. If you have any questions about the coming terms please feel free to come and speak to me after school, where I will be more than happy to answer any questions which you might have.

Mrs Barber and Mrs McClure

Home Learning – Please find links below for home learning for children during school closure.

Home  Learning – 20th July

Year 6 Home Learning 20th July English Maths Ultimate End of Year Challenge Pack

Home Learning – 13th July

Year 6 Home Learning 13th July Transition Project Folder Anywhere Island Presentation 1
Anywhere Island Presentation 2      

Home Learning – 6th July

Year 6 Home Learning 6th July English Maths Transition

Home Learning – 29th June

Year 6 Home Learning 29th June English Maths Transition
History Art    

Home Learning – 22nd June

Year 6 Home Learning 22nd June English Maths History

Home Learning – 15th June

Year 6 Home Learning 15th June English Maths Science
History French Y6    

Home Learning – 8th June

Year 6 Home Learning 8th June Air Raid Shelter PPP Impact of Drugs and Alcohol PPP Adult Guidance Impact of Drugs and Alcohol

Home Learning – 18th May

Home Learning Plan week 5 English Maths Y6 Summer 1
Science Electricity      

Home Learning – 11th May

Home Learning Plan week 4 Letter to year 6 Maths English
Y6 Summer 1 Activity Sheet Impact of Electricity    

Home Learning – 4th May

Home learning wk 3 Maths Resources English Resources Science and French
Identifying circuits      

Home Learning – Weeks 22nd April and 27th April

Home learning wk1 &2 Comprehension Wk 1 Arithmetic Wk1 Problem solving Wednesday Problem solving Thursday Word problems Friday Spag Friday Week 1 – Electric Circuits work sheet 1
5-6 word list Comprehension Wk2 Arithmetic Wk 2 Fractions to decimals diff Fractions Friday Spag Wk2 Y6 French and Science week 1 – Electric work sheet 2

Home Learning Sheet Year 6

Web links to work


Please find some links below to help you guide your child along their faith journey during school closure.

A New Commandment Easter Sunday Poem Fruits of the Holy Spirit Holy Saturday Poem
Scripture Teachings The Ascension    

Holy Week Home Learning

Easter-themed home-learning

Home Learning – Keeping in touch work and photographs

Bevan has been busy baking, planting tomato plants, doing lots of school work and art and even celebrated his 11th birthday. Great to see you Bevan and Happy 11th Birthday from us all here at St Peter’s.

Knowledge Organisers

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Geography History  Geography      
Science Science  Science   Science   
RE RE        

D & T Day

We planned and made a vegetable stir-fry.

World Book Day

We came to school in our pyjamas and shared books with year 2.

Creating a model of Llandudno

Heart Disection


Measuring Lung Capacity

Sharing Stories with Year 2

Spelling Grammar and Punctuation club permission letter

Spag club 2020