Year 6

Teacher – Mrs Barber

TA – Mrs McClure

Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 is a very important year, but we try to make it fun as well. Being the eldest children in the school means that we have a responsibility to set an excellent example to the rest of the school. We prepare for High School by taking on responsibilities around our school and looking after our younger peers. We are given roles as prefects, dinner monitors and buddies who work with Reception to help them learn. Our aim is to be the best that we can be, which we do by working hard, becoming more independent and making sure that we find enjoyment in all that we do. We are a dynamic class and we embrace new challenges; we set ourselves targets and we try our hardest to reach them. Our teaching assistant, Mrs Godsall, is always here to help. Being creative in our learning means life is never dull.

At St Peter’s our goal is to create successful, confident and independent individuals who will develop into active and responsible citizens. By the end of Year 6 we the children will have developed significantly both academically and socially. During the Spring Term, the children will begin to prepare for the SATs which take place in May. The children will have a wide range of support during this time and will be given every opportunity to reach their full potential. If you have any questions about the coming terms please feel free to come and speak to me after school, where I will be more than happy to answer any questions which you might have.

Mrs Barber and Mrs McClure

Lenten Reflection at Holy Trinity.

We really enjoyed our Lenten Reflection at Holy Trinity. We thought about the events of Easter week from The Last Supper to The Resurrection.


On 18th March Year 6 held their traditional Lenten fundraiser CAFOD Café. Thanks to all the parents for their amazing support and generosity donating all the cakes. Thanks  also to our fabulous middays for setting out the hall and to our temporary kitchen staff.  Finally thanks to the incredible Mrs Godsall for running the show! In total we raised ……

Reception reading buddies. We enjoyed meeting up with our friends from reception to share some stories with them.

Python programming in computing. Our very talented programmers in Year 6 are moving away from block based editors and looking at their first text based editor. We’ve started with Python and have written our first lines of code, solved calculations and used variables.

Investigating the heart. We enjoyed our practical science lesson investigating the heart. We dissected and ox’s heart and found the atria, ventricles, septum and valves.

A visit from the Fire Brigade. We enjoyed a visit from the Fire Brigade to help us learn all about fire safety and the important role they play in our community.

Llandudno trip. We enjoyed a great day out in Llandudno to support our geography topic about the area and our science work on habitats.