Year 3

Teacher – Mrs Warran

TA – Mrs McWiggan

Welcome to Year 3

Here you will find updates of what we have been learning about in class and links to help with homework.

Home Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope your first week of home learning has been enjoyable. I have attached a list of further activities for the coming weeks. David Walliams is doing a free audio story everyday this is available on . We have been reading Gangsta Granny for guided reading which is one of David Walliams’ books.There are also extra maths resources available on

In Yr 3 we have done several diary entries. If your child wants to, they could create their own diary of their time at home during these difficult times. They might want to add pictures or do it as a video diary. If they then saved it, they could share it with their own children and grandchildren in years to come.

Thank you, stay safe and hope to see all the children back in school soon.

Mrs Warran and Mrs McWiggan.

Home Learning – 20th July

Home Learning Week 7 Transition Day t2-m-254732-goodbye-year-3-and-hello-year-4-maths-transition-booklet_ver_6 t2-e-41993-moving-to-year-4-english-transition-booklet-english_ver_3

Home Learning – 13th July

Home Learning 13 July Home Learning week 13 English Maths
RE Science History DT

Home Learning – 6th July

Home Learning 06 July Home Learning week 13 Check list for Persuasive texts D&T
English History Maths RE

Home Learning – 29th June

Home Learning 29th June Home Learning week 12 Maths RE
Science History D&T English
English 2      

Home Learning – 22nd June

Home Learning 22nd June Home Learning Su2 Wk3 English Maths
RE Science History  

Home Learning – 15th June

Home Learning 15th June Home Learning week 10 English Maths
RE Science History French Y3

Home Learning – 8th June

Home Learning 8th June Home Learning week 9 English_Y3_Week_9 Maths
Science RE Being a Christian  History  

Home Learning – 18th May

Home Learning 18th May Home Learning week 8 English Arithmetic Tests
Maths reasoning test Science RE Geography Human and Physical Features

Home Learning – 11th May

Home Learning 11th May Home Learning week 7 English Resources Maths Resources
Science Resources Doubting Thomas    

Home Learning – 4th May

Home Learning 4th May Home Learning and links Maths Resources English Resources
History Resources      

Home Learning – 22nd and 27th April

Home Learning for 22nd and 27th April Home Learning week 4 and 5 English_Y3_Week_4 Fossils Comprehension Powerful verbs  
Spelling mistakes Red and Yellow and Green addition Blue and Purple group addition with carrying Word problems for Red Yellow and Green groups Word Problems Y3 French

Home Learning Wk 2

Additional English Wk 2 

Home Learning Wk1


Please find some links below to help you guide your child along their faith journey during school closure.

Acting like Jesus each day Daily prayers Gospel quiz The Feelings of the Disciples
The Road to Emmaus – fill in the missing words The Road to Emmaus – gospel story and questions Topic on the mass – mass responses  

Holy Week Home Learning

Home Learning Week 3 Mindfulness easter t2-t-16473-lks2-easter-mystery-maths-game_ver_5 Spring Activity Booklet Spring Activity Booklet Answers tp2-r-052-re-good-friday-the-easter-story-year-3-lesson-pack-1-_ver_2 (1)

Home Learning – Keeping in touch work and photographs

Charlie has been performing some interesting experiments investigating the different densities of liquids. Great work Charlie.

Sophie has been working extremely hard on her WW2 home learning tasks and producing some fantastic results. Well done Sophie.


Please use the following document to help you access music lessons set by Tameside Music Service

Year 3 Music

Year 3 Autumn Planner

Knowledge Organisers

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer2
  History  Geography      
  Science  Science      

Please click on the link for strategies to help your child learn important number facts:

Number Facts 1

Number Facts 2


For our History topic in Spring 2 we are looking at the Stone Age

The children have worked on fact files and made models depicting the Stone Age era. We will be doing work reinforce the children’s work that they did at home.

D&T Day – Vegetable Soup

For our D&T day we used various skills which covered different curriculums. We used our literacy skills when writing out our Recipes using imperative verbs. We used our Science knowledge when deciding on our ingredients which linked to our Healthy Eating topic. We used our maths skills when measuring out the stock for our soup.

We also learnt new skills. We learnt how to peel, chop grate and cut vegetables safely. We used the bridge method and the claw method for cutting our vegetables.

We created our own D&T booklets too.

P.S. Our soup was delicious!


In Science we have learning about Forces. For our experiment the children had to predict which surface had the most friction. They then tested cars on different surfaces. The results were then evaluated.

Egyptian Projects

P4C The Egyptian Cinderella Debate

We discussed the bad things and the good things that happened in the story to Rhodopis. We discussed the fact that the author did not confirm that a marriage took place. We then decided in groups which statement went into a positive or negative way for Rhodopis, then we debated our reasons for putting them in these categories.