Year 3

Teacher – Miss Keane

TA – Mrs McWiggan

Welcome to Year 3

Here you will find updates of what we have been learning about in class and links to help with homework.

Year 3 Autumn Planner 2017

Please click on the link for strategies to help your child learn important number facts:

Number Facts 1

Number Facts 2


In gym lessons we have been creating different shapes and learning how to balance.

Light Boxes

In science lessons we have been learning all about light. We have learned about reflection and the way light works. We experimented with light boxes and described what we could see.

Prayer Sponsors’ Party

Year 3 is a special year, as we get ready to make our First Holy Communion. We are supported by our friends in the Parish as we each have a special Prayer Sponsor to help us on our journey. As part of our celebrations we had a special party to meet our Prayer Sponsors.

Anderson shelters

In history, we have been learning about WWII. We learned that during “The Blitz” people hid in Anderson shelters to protect themselves from the bombs that were being dropped.

We built our own Anderson shelters using cardboard and decorated them with trees and vegetables like they would have done during that time.