Year 3

Teacher – Mrs Warran

TA – Mrs McWiggan

Welcome to Year 3

Here you will find updates of what we have been learning about in class and links to help with homework.

Year 3 Autumn Planner

Please click on the link for strategies to help your child learn important number facts:

Number Facts 1

Number Facts 2

Design and Technology – Fairground Rides

In Design and Technology, we built different fairground rides. We then used our computing knowledge to programme our rides to do different things.

We worked really hard and had lots of fun doing it!

Collective Worship

We celebrate collective worship in school each day. It is a special time when we can come together and celebrate our faith. It also allows us special time with Jesus. Here are some photos of our special Collective Worship gatherings.

Sponsored Walk

Year 3 and Year 4 spent a lovely afternoon in Cheetham’s Park for their sponsored walk, raising money for the NSPCC.  We completed lots of circuits and raised lots of money.


In science we have been learning about forces. Forces are push, pulls and twists. We learned that not all objects have to have “contact” for a force to be created. Magnets have an invisible force. We now know that two opposite ends of a magnet will attract but two similar ends will repel.

We had great fun investigating and exploring with magnets.


Philosophy for children is all about asking and answering questions, discussing our thoughts and listening to what others thing. This week we learned about how saying the same thing in different ways can change its meaning.

It made us think about how we speak to each other and how important it is to mean what you say.

3D Shapes

In maths we have been investigating 3D shapes. We have learned their names and properties. We even had a chance to build some of our own. We had great fun!

The Human Body

In science we have learned all about the human body. We have learned all about the skeleton and the names for each of the bones. We have looked at the importance of muscles in our bodies and how they help us to move. We have also our special organs that help keep out bodies alive.

Creating patterns

We have been creating patterns in Year 3 using lots of different materials.