Year 2

Teacher – Mrs Russell

TA – Mrs Edge

A Warm Welcome to Year 2 from Mrs Russell

A Warm Welcome to Year 2 from Mrs Russell

I would like to wish you and your child a warm welcome into Year 2. I hope the children all have a lovely year and learn lots of new and exciting things.

There are a few little pieces of information that I think will be useful for you to know as we go through the school year. This information will also be available on the school website. If you would like to speak to me about any issue you are more than welcome to come to Y2’s door before the bell goes at 8.50am, or, if you prefer, at home time. If this isn’t possible please give me a call and we can arrange a mutually beneficial time. Alternatively, you can always send me a little note.

I will be with the children every day. However, I will not be in on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. On these days, Mrs Summersgill will be teaching our special topics of science and geography/history.
Mrs Edge is our Teaching Assistant and she will be in class every day.

P.E. and Dance
The children need their PE kit to be in school on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We will being doing dance on Wednesdays in Autumn 1, Spring 1 and Summer 1, and PE with Terri every Thursday. PE kits can be taken home at the end of each half term.

Reading Books
We hear the children read daily during our Guided Reading sessions. Alongside this, we hear them read their reading books at least once a week. Please could the children bring in their reading books everyday so that we can use every available opportunity to hear them read.

Increasing Responsibility
As the children are now the oldest in KS1, we have allocated everybody a special job or role to carry out. This helps them to become more independent and reflects their growing maturity. They should all be able to tell you what their special job is. These little jobs will change each half term.

Star of the Day
We will be celebrating ‘Star of the Day’ in Year 2. We will have a class poster displaying a photo of our ‘Star of the Day’ so anyone visiting our classroom can also celebrate their achievement. In addition to this, when a child is chosen as ‘Star of the Day’ they will receive a sticker and have the opportunity to bring our class mascot home.

I hope the children really enjoy their time in Year 2. As stated above, any problems or queries please let me know.

Thank you,
Mrs Russell

Home Learning – 20th July

Year 2 Summer 2 Week 7 My Wish End of Year Memories The Cautious Caterpillar
The Cautious Caterpillar The Cautious Caterpillar Questions      

Home Learning – 13th July

Year 2 Summer 2 Week 6 Getting Ready for Year 3 Booklet English Maths
RE PSHE Art Spanish

Home Learning – 6th July

Year 2 Summer 2 Week 5 English Maths Art
RE Spanish PSHE PSHE 2
Homophones Revision PPP      

Home Learning – 29th June

Year 2 Summer 2 Week 4 English Maths RE
Spanish Superhero Maths Challenge Cards    

Home Learning – 22nd June

Year 2 Summer 2 Week 3 English Maths RE
Spanish Y2 History and Science Hot-air-balloon-template  

Home Learning – 15th June

Year 2 Summer 2 Week 2 English Maths RE
Spanish Science Science 2  

Home Learning – 8th June

Year 2 Summer 2 Week 1 English Maths RE

Home Learning – 18th May – part 1 – part 2

Year 2 Week 8 English 1 English 2 Maths
RE Y2 Home Learning Topics Science Geography

Home Learning – 11th May

English Maths RE Secret Mission Thank You Cards Spelling Guidance
Drawing An Owl Y2 Home Learning Topics How Animals Grow Animals and Their Young Matching Cards British isles labelling-activity-sheet Year 2 Spellings

Home Learning – 4th May

Year 2 Week 6 Su1 Wk3 Maths Resources English Resources Jesus Appears
Y2 Science and Geography Emperor Penguin comprhension The-British-Isles-Seaside-Map  

Home Learning – 27th April

Year 2 Week 5 English resources Maths resources RE resources Y2 Home Learning Topics
        Week 2 – Learning Activity Booklet

Video update from Mrs Russell – 22nd April

Y4 Summer 1 Wk1 PPP Tin Forest The Tin Forest Bingo Grid Tin Forest Suffixes Description
PPP Addition Adding to make the next 10 Adding two digits Addition word problems  

Video update from Mrs Russell

Home Learning Wk2 Beg: 30th March

Reading books link

Add the Coins Check Your Change Challenge Money – Make the Total

Year 2 Parent Planner 2019


Please find some links below to help  you guide your child along their faith journey during school closure.

Daily Prayers Helping at home poem Mass responses Ways to be Helpful and Happy
RE Vocabulary Year 2 RE Vocabulary Year 2 Answer Sheet    

Holy Week Home Learning

Year 2 Week 3 Easter Activities for Year 2 Prayer Ideas For Holy Week easter stained glass Lent Bingo Challenge
easter-egg-template-colouring-sheets Easter-Story-Writing-Sheets Phase 6 Phonics Easter Colouring the-easter-story-powerpoint  

Home Learning – Keeping in touch photos

Freddie has been keeping busy with lots of online football training and outdoor activities as well as producing some lovely art work for his mum’s work to support the NHS

Freddie and Mum have made lots of delicious treats for family and delivered them to their doorsteps. We have measured ingredients and written out our methods.

Alice has been working hard at home and keeping herself very busy.

Ava has done some baking as part of her maths learning. We made some gingerbread men but we had to halve the recipe as we didn’t need 20 gingerbread men! Ava tried really hard to halve numbers and use what she knew about partitioning. We forgot the sugar, but Ava didn’t realise! (I won’t tell if you won’t!). 

Ava is working well independently, especially on her maths and reading activities, and she particularly enjoyed the comprehension about garden birds – we have been doing a daily survey of the different birds that visit our garden and comparing these each evening with Ava’s nana. We’ve even had a pups’ talent show during lockdown!

As well as his activity pack, Jack has been doing extracurricular activities. He’s been having online Italian lessons with Sveva’s Mum, been growing cress and herbs, made a worm farm, and has a new Penpal, after writing to the residents at a local care home.

Knowledge Organisers

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Geography History  Geography      
Science Science  Science   Science  

Science Growing Seeds

Prayer Share Love


Geography – Kenya

A leaf promise for the New Year

January 2020 Dance video

Making Christmas Crowns

Anti-Bullying Week

We marked Anti-bullying week by wearing our odd socks to school and talking about how we can celebrate our differences. Each class did their own circle time. Year 2 talked about how our words and actions can affect other people. They passed around 2 apples – speaking kind words to one and unkind words to another. They then cut the apples open and saw how their unkind words had bruised the inside of the apple. This really made the children think about how their choice of words might not visibly hurt somebody but could really hurt them inside. This is something you could discuss further with your child at home.


Science – Why we need exercise

Letter from the Queen

Great Fire of London Design Technology Day

Feather Writing


Forest School

Daily Mile

Prayer Share

Hello Yellow – Mental Health Awareness

Guided Reading – Giraffe Pelly and Me

Geography – London

Book Buddies

Art – Claude Monet


Space Day