Year 2

Teacher – Mrs Russell

TA – Miss Pearson

A Warm Welcome to Year 2 from Mrs Russell

A Warm Welcome to Year 2 from Mrs Russell

I would like to wish you and your child a warm welcome into Year 2. I hope the children all have a lovely year and learn lots of new and exciting things.

There are a few little pieces of information that I think will be useful for you to know as we go through the school year. This information will also be available on the school website. If you would like to speak to me about any issue you are more than welcome to come to Y2’s door before the bell goes at 8.50am, or, if you prefer, at home time. If this isn’t possible please give me a call and we can arrange a mutually beneficial time. Alternatively, you can always send me a little note.

I will be with the children every day. However, I will not be in on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. On these days, Mrs Summersgill will be teaching our special topics of science and geography/history.
Miss Pearson is our Teaching Assistant and she will be in class every day.

P.E. and Dance
The children need their PE kit to be in school on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We will being doing dance on Wednesdays in Autumn 1, Spring 1 and Summer 1, and PE with Terri every Thursday. PE kits can be taken home at the end of each half term.

Reading Books
We hear the children read daily during our Guided Reading sessions. Alongside this, we hear them read their reading books at least once a week. Please could the children bring in their reading books everyday so that we can use every available opportunity to hear them read.

Increasing Responsibility
As the children are now the oldest in KS1, we have allocated everybody a special job or role to carry out. This helps them to become more independent and reflects their growing maturity. They should all be able to tell you what their special job is. These little jobs will change each half term.

Star of the Day
We will be celebrating ‘Star of the Day’ in Year 2. We will have a class poster displaying a photo of our ‘Star of the Day’ so anyone visiting our classroom can also celebrate their achievement. In addition to this, when a child is chosen as ‘Star of the Day’ they will receive a sticker.

I hope the children really enjoy their time in Year 2. As stated above, any problems or queries please let me know.

Thank you,
Mrs Russell

Knowledge Organisers

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Invisibility Potions

In maths this week we have been learning all about capacity. We had tremendous fun making our very own invisibility potion! Our ingredients were 100ml of dragon’s blood, 100ml melted tiger fur, 100ml of Mr Twit’s spit and 200ml of monkey snot! It did look rather disgusting once it was finished!

Design and Technology Day

It’s a Wrap!

We had lots of fun on our Design and Technology day. We looked at the sugar content in different drinks, tasted new combinations of food and designed and made our own healthy wraps. We then had a delicious picnic outside before finally reviewing our wonderful creations!

Hundertwasser Houses

Year 2 have worked super hard on creating their own house in the style of Hundertwasser. They have used watercolours and mixed media. We are very proud of their super work!

Teach Rex

We enjoyed a fantastic, magical day when ‘Teach Rex’ came to visit our school. We experienced a creative workshop to help us with our English and IT. This included, storytelling, discovering a magic book, learning how to use the Green Screen and we were also thrilled to meet Luna the dragon and her baby. We had so much fun!

Key Stage 1 SATs Workshop  – A video workshop to explain the Key Stage 1 SATs and what to expect.

Year 2 parents should have received an email with a link to access this workshop. If you have not received the email, please contact for more information.

Our Christmas Activites

Christmas is coming! We have been very busy getting ready. All week, we have been taking part in lots of different activities and crafts and have lots of great things to take home. We also had a visit from Santa. 

A letter from the Queen

We were very excited to receive a reply to our letter to the queen. We opened it and read it together.

Maths in Art

In Maths we have been learning to tell the time. We have made clocks from colour wheel that we had made in Art. We can use these to show the time.


As we approach the start of Advent, we have been thinking about Mary and Joseph and the very special job that they were given.  We took turns to be Mary and Joseph to answer questions and understand how they must be feeling.


In computing we have started our new Word Processing topic. We have been touch typing and becoming more familiar with the keys and their location.

Newspaper reports on The Great Fire of London

We have transported ourselves back to 1666 and reported on The Great Fire of London as it was happening. We have then aged our newspapers by staining them.

Children in Need

We supported Children in Need by wearing something spotty and bringing in donations. We also joined Joe Wicks in his 24 hour work out challenge. It was great fun!

Remembrance Day

The children have used oil pastels to create some lovely poppy field artwork.

Firework poems

The Great Fire of London

The children have created some wonderful houses from The Great Fire of London to display in our classroom.

We used wax crayons to take rubbings of different textures outside

We have created posters of London using the information that we have learnt

Paddington came to visit Year 2

We made his favourite lunch of marmalade sandwiches.

We completed an activity where we needed to trust our friends

It helped us to understand how Abraham trusted God.

Home Learning: Monday, 11th January

Video links – Monday 11th January

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Handwriting Practice week 2

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