Year 2

Teacher – Mrs Russell

TA – Mrs Aldgate

Year 2 parent planner 2018/19

A Warm Welcome to Year 2 from Mrs Russell

I would like to wish you and your child a warm welcome into Year 2.  I hope you all have a lovely year.

There are few little pieces of information that I think will be useful for you to know as we go through the school year.


I will be with the children every day.  However, I will not be in on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.  On these days, Mrs Sibson and Mrs Warran will be teaching our special topics of science and geography.

Mrs Aldgate is our Teaching Assistant and she will be in class every day apart from Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

If you would like to speak to me about any issue you are more than welcome to come to Y2’s door before the bell goes at 8.50am.  Or, if you prefer, at home time.  If this isn’t possible please give me a call and we can arrange a mutually beneficial time.

P.E. and Dance The children need their PE kit to be in school on Wednesday and Thursday.  We will being doing dance on Wednesdays in Autumn 1, Spring 1 and Summer 1,  and PE with Terri every Thursday.  PE kits can be taken home at the end of each half term.

Reading Books We hear the children read daily during our Guided Reading sessions.  Alongside this, we hear them read their reading books at least once a week.  Please could the children bring in their reading books everyday.

As the children are now the oldest in KS1 and will be preparing to go into juniors at the end of the year, they enjoy taking on more responsibility.  We have allocated everybody a special job or role to carry out.  This helps them to become more independent and reflects their growing maturity.

I hope the children really enjoy their time in Year 2.

Thank you,

Mrs Russell

Pentecost Videos

Year 2a, Year 2b, Year 2c, Year 2d, Year 2e, Year 2f, Year 2g, Year 2h, Year 2i, Year 2j, Year 2k


In Year 2 we have been learning all about co-ordinates.

We have used what we have learned to find the pirate’s hidden treasure.

Art – Printing

Year 2 used lots of everyday things to create some print patterns. We used peppers, plastic bottles, flowers, corn on the cob, lemons, broccoli and even onions!

Stalybridge Traffic Survey and Different types of Transport

We have been learning about graphs and pictograms.  We collected lots of data about the traffic that flows through Stalybridge then we went back to the classroom and drew lots of graphs to show our findings.

As part of our cross-curricular maths we then looked at what the transport would be like in a very different location, the Isle of Struay. We have been learning all about this island in Scotland in Geography.

Firework Poetry

To celebrate Bonfire Night we wrote some special firework poems. We thought about all the words that describe fireworks and created some fabulous pictures.