Year 2

Teacher – Miss Cunningham

TA – Mrs Pollitt

Spring Parent Planner – Y2


In maths, Year 2 have been learning all about volume and measuring. We’ve had lots of practical lessons where we’ve been measuring the amounts of water in different containers and comparing them against other ones. We’ve also been using the tricky more than and less than signs.

Hopefully we all know how many millilitres there are in a litre now and will be able to use this knowledge when we do our big shop over the weekend!

DT Day!

Year 2 have really enjoyed our DT Day! We have designed and made our very own bedroom decorations.  We started the day by looking at different designs and talking about which decorations we liked the best. Next was the fun part! We put on our design hats and thought about our own decorations. We brushed up on our cutting and drawing skills and we’ve learnt news ones such as how to thread a needle and sew a running stitch.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and we’ve produced excellent bedroom decorations to hang on their door.