Teacher – Mrs Walker

TA – Mrs Green

September -2017

Myself and Mrs. Green are looking forward to welcoming the children to our Reception class. Over the next few weeks our children will be settling into their new school day. They will be exploring our classroom inside and outside, making new friends and meeting up with their old friends. We will be working together to make our class rules.

The children take it in turns to bring the class scrap book home, so that you can see what they have been doing with their class. We also send home our class dragon, Dilys at the weekends. This gives the children a chance to share what they have done at the weekend with the class. This is a great way to show how good they all are at speaking and listening.

Our topic this term is All About Me, where we will be looking at our Families, our likes and dislikes and our emotions.

We will keep you updated with all the exciting activities that we will be doing as we go through the Autumn term.

Autumn 2017 – Newsletter

Our Spring Topic

This term is quite a short term and we have lots to fit in. We will be looking at New Life, through the changes that spring brings. Flowers and plants mums and their babies as well as Mini-beasts (including the lifecycle of frogs and caterpillars).

It is important to at this stage to read every day with your child so that they can use their phonics that they are being taught on a daily basis. This also helps them to develop their literacy skills with sentence writing and spelling.

Last term the children enjoyed making bird feeders for Percy’s Park. We now have a bird watch area in the classroom.

Class Trip